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I Shout Love

Directed by Sarah Polley
Canada, 2001 (fiction, 38 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"[I Shout Love] focuses on the last 24 hours of a relationship. Knowing that the man is going to leave her, the woman asks for another day. [...] Tragic in plot but comedic in execution, the film is partly shot on digital, with the female character (Kristen Thomson) documenting her story with a DV camera. (The rest of the film is on 35mm.)"
-- Simona Chiose (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Sarah Polley
Produced by: Meredith Caplan, Jennifer Weiss
Principal Cast: Matthew Ferguson, Julian Richings, Kristen Thomson
Cinematography: Luc Montpellier
Film Editing: David Wharnsby

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"[Sarah] Polley's film is a brave and mature depiction of the histrionics of emotional desperation. It also reveals, in surprising ways, how the fear of loneliness can spawn, in our technological age, the most peculiar interpersonal rituals of remembrance"
-- Tom McSorley (source)

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