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Penguins behind Bars

Directed by Janet Perlman
Canada, 2003 (animation / fiction, 23 minutes, colour, English)
Penguins behind Bars
Photo © National Film Board of Canada

Film Description:
"Doris, a beautiful young penguin from a loving family, meets Charlie Abaloney, a flashy, big-breaked, small-time gangster. Charlie sweeps her off her flippers and hoodwinks her into helping him with a heist. The caper goes sour and Doris is left holding the bag, a bag of stolen pearls! Now she has to serve time in a maximum security penguintentiary teeming with sleazy birds! Can she survive in this concrete jungle? Will she stay afloat in a sea of savage penguins? Can she clear her good name and turn the tables on Charlie? Penguins Behind Bars follows in the great tradition of prison movies from an earlier era—a dramatic story starring an innocent inmate who finds herself in a jail full of classic characters."
-- National Film Board of Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Derek Lamb, Janet Perlman
Produced by: Judith Gruber-Stitzer, Janet Perlman, Marcy Page, David Verrall
Principal Cast: Lili Taylor, Patricia Collins, Alberta Watson, Catherine Fitch, Patricia Gage, Craig Francis, Maria Vacratsis, Richard Clarkin, Dan Lett, Sonja Ball
Animation: Louise Johnson, Les Drew, Magnus Hjerpe, Yann Tremblay, Luigi Allemano, Zhigang Wang, Janet Perlman
Music: Judith Gruber-Stitzer
Production Company: Hulascope Studio

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