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The Wind Blows Towards Me Particularly

Directed by Ruba Nadda
Canada, 1998 (fiction, 5 minutes, black and white)

Film Description:
"Chance encounter between a married Moslem woman and a Canadian man."
-- International Film Festival Rotterdam (source)

Film Description:
"On the steps of what might be an ancient amphitheater, or perhaps the stage that all the world is, racism ends one love affair while culture strikes a second one down before it can begin."
-- Saskatchewan Filmpool (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Ruba Nadda
Produced by: Ruba Nadda
Principal Cast: Sogol Lohi, Nigel Grannum, Kirsten Treichel, Fadia Nadda, Lisa Trusty
Cinematography: Ruba Nadda
Film Editing: Ruba Nadda

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