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Sugar Daddy

Directed by Wendy Morgan
Canada, 2020 (fiction, 99 minutes, colour, English)
Also known as "Sugar Daddy — Na Busca de um Patrocínio"

Film Description:
"Darren is a wickedly talented and unconventional young musician who dreams of making music like nobody has ever heard before. But she's broke, juggling multiple part-time jobs, and has no time to create. Desperate for cash, she signs up to a sugar daddy paid-dating website and throws herself down a dark rabbit hole that forces her to grow up fast, shaping her music, and how she sees the world."
-- Clique Pictures (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Kelly McCormack
Produced by: Lauren Grant, Lori Lozinski, Kelly McCormack, Lisa Gutberlet, James Huntsman, Andreas Olavarria
Principal Cast: Kelly McCormack, Colm Feore, Amanda Brugel, Ishan Davé, Nicholas Campbell, Noam Jenkins, Aaron Ashmore, Hilary McCormack, Kaniehtiio Horn, Michelle Morgan
Cinematography: Kristin Fieldhouse
Film Editing: Christine Armstrong
Production Company: Clique Pictures, Violator Films, Floyder Films

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