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Kayak to Klemtu

Directed by Zoe Hopkins
Canada, 2017 (fiction, 90 minutes, colour, English / Nisga'a)
Also known as "Die Stimme deines Herzens", "In kayak verso casa", "Kayaking for Beginners"
Kayak to Klemtu
Image: © Mongrel Media

Film Description:
"When a prominent Kitasoo/Xai'Xais activist passes away, his 14-year-old niece Ella ([Ta'kaiya] Blaney) embarks on a kayak journey to take his ashes home to Klemtu. It's a race against the clock as Ella tries to make it back in time to give a speech protesting a proposed pipeline that would cross Indigenous land. Ella is joined by her aunt, cousin and grumpy uncle ([Lorne] Cardinal), as the four paddle with all their might through the Inside Passage and past the shores of the Great Bear Rainforest. Join this family on the adventure of a lifetime that reflects on the importance of protecting our lands for future generations."
-- Reel Canada (source)

Film Description:
"14-year-old Ella is determined to travel the length of the Inside Passage, along the shores of the Great Bear Rainforest by kayak in order to testify against a proposed pipeline that would see oil tanker traffic through her beloved homeland waters. She's prepared to handle all of the challenges the wildlife, the weather, the water, and her gear have to offer up. The most challenging of all is that she has to bring her dysfunctional family with her. Her neurotic aunt, her cranky uncle, her wayward cousin, and the memory of her late uncle all come along for the ride to make it a fun and amazing adventure. From Tla'Amin to Klemtu, BC, this family navigates their blend of cultures and desires, while their spirits honour the coast as a place for each of us to call home and protect."
-- Stellar Citizens (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Zoe Leigh Hopkins, Scooter Corkle, Michael Sparaga
Produced by: Daniel Bekerman, Marion Wilson-Brown, Daniel Code, Sheryl Kotzer, Ethan Lazar, Alex Ordanis, Christopher Yurkovich
Principal Cast: Ta'kaiya Blaney, Sonja Bennett, Lorne Cardinal, Jared Ager-Foster, Evan Adams, Sarah Kelley, Chris Ippolito, Carmel Amit, Nelson Leis, Tyler Burrows, Hunger Ballentyne, Keith Gladstone, Barclay Hope
Cinematography: Vince Arvidson
Film Editing: Simone Smith
Music: Oleksa Lozowchuk
Production Company: Scythia Films, Stellar Citizens

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