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Directed by Louise Archambault
Canada, 2005 (fiction, 102 minutes, colour, French)
Image: © micro_scope

Film Description:
"Michèle's life is turned upside down when her fiancé, unwilling to cover her gambling debts, stops supporting her financially. With her 14-year-old daughter, Marguerite, in tow, Michèle goes to see her childhood friend, Janine, who has a teenage daughter of her own and who agrees to take in mother and daughter in her leafy, seemingly perfect, suburban home. As the two young girls become friends, their mothers suddenly find themselves confronting their own conflicting values. The film also explores the question of how value systems are passed on from mother to daughter. Is it possible to avoid passing on to our children those traits that we despise in our parents? Over the course of one crucial summer, both families are forced to deal with the fallout caused by online sex, double lives, unexplained pregnancies, and lies."
-- Telefilm Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Louise Archambault
Produced by: Luc Déry, Kim McCraw, Gilles Légaré
Principal Cast: Sylvie Moreau, Macha Grenon, Juliette Gosselin, Mylène Saint-Sauveur, Vincent Graton, Emily Holmes
Cinematography: André Turpin
Film Editing: Sophie Leblond
Music: Ramachandra Borcar
Production Company: micro_scope

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