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La turbulence des fluides -- Film Description:
"Alice, a seismologist working in Tokyo, is sent to a small town on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River to observe a peculiar phenomenon: the tides have stopped rising and falling. To Japanese experts, this signals that a major, global earthquake is on the way. They also take it as a sign of fate that the town happens to be Alice's birthplace. Alice does everything she can to maintain an emotional distance from the town, where she spent an unhappy childhood. She does her research, conducts seismic probes, and begins to worry: for some strange reason, there's no listing in the local telephone book for Marc Vandal, an attractive pilot. The only way to probe the unfathomable is to throw oneself heart and soul into the task, at the risk of losing oneself... If you can't raise someone from the dead, can you at least help someone rekindle their desire for life?"
-- Telefilm Canada

"Telefilm Canada: Catalogues: Turbulence des fluides (La)." Telefilm Canada.