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Ruba Nadda

Pays : Canada / Syrie
Née : 1972

Films réalisés par Ruba Nadda

Citations de Ruba Nadda [en anglais]

« I hear a lot of people say that they didn't get a grant so they aren't going to make a film. But why should someone give you money if you're going to give up that easily? If you're passionate about film, you must have unstoppable drive. It's competitive. It's hard. It hurts. »
-- Ruba Nadda (source)

« It's why I became a filmmaker. I just was desperate to shed light on the common misconceptions the West has of the Middle East. »
-- Ruba Nadda (source)

Citations sur Ruba Nadda [en anglais]

« Ruba [Nadda] is an astute and highly sensitive writer, with extraordinary enthusiasm and drive. Her direction on Sabah was remarkable, with the performances clearly driving the story. Ruba's developed a thick skin—absolutely essential for success—and a passion to tell her story. How can you not succeed with all of these qualities? »
-- Atom Egoyan (source)

« [Ruba Nadda's] work consists of a dozen, small, black-and-white films about olive-skinned Muslim girls and their encounters in Toronto—with angry or depressed parents, men of various skin colours, with criminals and lovers. Flat, almost deliberately banal on the surface, they are filled with the unspoken baggage of ethnicity, skin colour and religious attitudes. [...] Though she has been making films for just three years, Nadda is breathtakingly industrious. In addition to 12 short films, she has made one black-and-white feature, I Always Come To You, which is awaiting distribution. And, currently, she is shooting Unsettled, her first film in colour. »
-- Liam Lacey (source)

« Ruba Nadda's [short] films take a fly-on-the-wall-perspective, peering briefly into the lives of people who would otherwise be ignored. [...] Mothers scream at daughters, lovers deliver parting words and solitary individuals face public embarrassment. Everyone always seems poised on the edge of an emotional cliff, a short step from a terminal plunge. People say regrettable things, sometimes painfully true but just as often tragically false. Nadda cuts out all of the chaff to focus directly on those moments when decisions are made which cannot be undone. »
-- Gerald Saul (source)

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Sabah (2005)  (autres titres : "Coldwater", "Sabah on rakastunut!", "Sabah: A Love Story")

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Cairo Time (2009)  (autres titres : "Souvenirs du Caire", "W Kairze")

Articles de revues scientifiques

Articles de journaux ou de revues grand public

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Inescapable (2012)  (autres titres : "Ajojahti", "Entführt in Damaskus", "No Escape")

Articles de journaux ou de revues grand public

October Gale (2014)

Articles de journaux ou de revues grand public

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