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Citation :
« [Ruba Nadda's] work consists of a dozen, small, black-and-white films about olive-skinned Muslim girls and their encounters in Toronto—with angry or depressed parents, men of various skin colours, with criminals and lovers. Flat, almost deliberately banal on the surface, they are filled with the unspoken baggage of ethnicity, skin colour and religious attitudes. [...] Though she has been making films for just three years, Nadda is breathtakingly industrious. In addition to 12 short films, she has made one black-and-white feature, I Always Come To You, which is awaiting distribution. And, currently, she is shooting Unsettled, her first film in colour. »
-- Liam Lacey

Source :
LACEY, Liam. « Made in Canada, for export only: Virtually unknown in her adopted homeland, Syrian-Canadian filmmaker Ruba Nadda works a data-entry job to finance her films about the lives of immigrant Muslim girls », Globe and Mail, 1 août 2000. [en anglais]