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Janis Cole

Pays : Canada
Née : 1954

Films réalisés par Janis Cole

Citations sur Janis Cole [en anglais]

« While [Janis] Cole and [Holly] Dale have recently described themselves as feminist, and while their work often deals with women, it by no means limits itself to gender issues, women's lives, or feminist themes. Casting a wide net predominantly outside the middle-class mainstream, their body of work is marked most urgently by its attention to marginalized registers of society and predominantly to resisters of social injustice. »
-- Kay Armatage (source)

« Janis Cole and Holly Dale have explored the margins of society in jointly-made documentaries about body-rub parlours, transvestites, prostitutes, and prison inmates. Their films, often empirical in style, present their subjects without moral judgement or analytical commentary; however, by including details that suggest parallels with the routines and norms of non-deviant behaviour and feelings, they display a passionate humanism. »
-- David Clandfield (source)

« We [Janis Cole and I] were unconsciously making films that were trying to remove labels from people, which later became a very conscious thing for us when we started doing Prison for Women and Hookers on Davie. We started out by giving a voice to our friends who weren't ashamed of who they were or what they did, such as being a prostitute, or being gay. »
-- Holly Dale (source)

« Janis Cole and Holly Dale are only twenty-three years old but already they have four short films behind them. [...] They have ambition, energy, and a restless urge to describe the world the way they believe it should be described. Their subjects are whores, transvestites, and criminally insane young men, and their films are gripping because Holly and Janis are committed not only to their own remarkable young careers but to the lives of their subjects. »
-- Robert Fulford (source)

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Thin Line (1977)

Articles de journaux ou de revues grand public

P4W: Prison for Women (1981)  (autre titre : "Prison for Women")

Articles de journaux ou de revues grand public

Hookers on Davie (1984)  (autre titre : "Davie Street")

Articles de journaux ou de revues grand public

Calling the Shots (1988)  (autre titre : "Women in Cinema")

Articles de journaux ou de revues grand public

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