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Jane Marsh

Also known as: Jane Marsh Beveridge, Jane Clayton Smart
Country: Canada
Born: 1915
Died: 1998

Films directed by Jane Marsh

Quote by Jane Marsh

"[Women working under John Grierson at the National Film Board of Canada] were so grateful to be working in interesting jobs that they didn't realize they were slaves."
-- Jane Marsh (source)

Quote about Jane Marsh

"Although she was one of about a dozen women at the [National Film Board of Canada] during the Second World War, [Jane Marsh] Beveridge was the only woman to direct and produce war films. She served as de facto producer of the Canada Carries On series, helming six films in two years, but she quit over conflicts with John Grierson, who refused to promote her."
-- Wyndham Wise (source)

Quote about Jane Marsh [in French]

"Fait à souligner, [Jane Marsh] travaille le plus souvent avec des femmes et notamment avec Judith Crawley, à la caméra, et Gudrun Parker à la production."
-- Jocelyne Denault (source)

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Women Are Warriors (1942)  (also known as: "Les femmes dans la mêlée")

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Inside Fighting Canada (1942)  (also known as: "Canada en guerre")

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