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Jane Marsh

Also known as: Jane Marsh Beveridge, Jane Smart, Jane Clayton Smart
Country: Canada
Born: 1915
Died: 1998

Films directed by Jane Marsh

Quotes by Jane Marsh

"[Women working under John Grierson at the National Film Board of Canada] were so grateful to be working in interesting jobs that they didn't realize they were slaves."
-- Jane Marsh (source)

"[At the National Film Board of Canada during World War II] it was awfully busy, you know, and it was terribly hopped up because of the war, so, you know, there weren't enough people to go 'round. You wrote the script, went out and shot and brought it back, cut it up, cut the soundtrack, wrote the commentary..."
-- Jane Marsh (source)

"There was a war on. We were really fighting it in earnest and there wasn't time to think of anything else. It was totally engrossing. We had to use everything we had if we were going to win it."
-- Jane Marsh (source)

Quotes about Jane Marsh

"[Jane Marsh's] chance [within the National Film Board of Canada] came when she persuaded [John] Grierson [...] that he should make a film on a small town which would somehow epitomize the Canadian war effort. He took her up on it and when he heard the town she had in mind was Paris, Ontario, the name tickled his fancy and he sent her to Paris (pop. 7000) to do an outline treatment. In the end the film was never made, but Jane showed such fertility and inventiveness in the script that she was put onto a production unit as a writer and production assistant."
-- Graham McInnes (source)

"[Jane] Marsh brought an unprecedented level of creative energy and commitment to the propaganda film production team. Unfortunately, she resigned in 1944, citing deep philosophical differences with the NFB's commissioner. In reality, Marsh's resignation came about after [John] Grierson refused to name her the producer of the Canada Carries On series -- a position for which she was eminently qualified. Later, Grierson would admit that Marsh had good reason to resign, adding that he had never considered offering such a prestigious position to a woman."
-- Marc St-Pierre (source)

"Although she was one of about a dozen women at the [National Film Board of Canada] during the Second World War, [Jane Marsh] Beveridge was the only woman to direct and produce war films. She served as de facto producer of the Canada Carries On series, helming six films in two years, but she quit over conflicts with John Grierson, who refused to promote her."
-- Wyndham Wise (source)

Quotes about Jane Marsh [in French]

"Fait à souligner, [Jane Marsh] travaille le plus souvent avec des femmes et notamment avec Judith Crawley, à la caméra, et Gudrun Parker à la production."
-- Jocelyne Denault (source)

"Jane Marsh déploie une énergie créatrice et un engagement sans précédent au sein de l'équipe de production de films de propagande. Malheureusement, elle démissionne en 1944, évoquant une divergence profonde de philosophie entre elle et le commissaire de l'ONF. En réalité, sa démission est le résultat du refus de [John] Grierson de lui octroyer le poste de productrice de la série Canada Carries On; poste pour lequel elle était hautement qualifiée. Plus tard, Grierson avouera que Marsh avait eu raison de démissionner, tout en ajoutant, toutefois, qu'il n'avait jamais envisagé d'offrir un poste si prestigieux à une femme."
-- Marc St-Pierre (source)

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Women Are Warriors (1942)  (also known as: "Les femmes dans la mêlée")

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Inside Fighting Canada (1942)  (also known as: "Canada en guerre")

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