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"I resigned, on a matter of principle. I was producer of Canada Carries On and we were producing one two-reeler a month to go into the theatres and he [John Grierson] suddenly wanted us to do two one-reelers. I was absolutely incensed by that. You know, it is a different thing entirely, the shape of a two-reeler as compared to a one-reeler. So I resigned. That was it. That was the spring of 1944. I went down to New York and re-edited British films and made a series of films about what the British Second Army was doing in Europe: to let the Americans know that the British and Canadians were still fighting the war too."
-- Jane Marsh

Denisko, Olga, ed. 4 Days in May (6 to 9): Films, Workshops, Share and Exchange Ideas; A Report. Montreal: National Film Board of Canada, 1975. 'Photography - Mary Daemen, Karen Marginson, Ches Yetman. N.F.B. Archives, & 'women from the earliest years'. Drawings - Michael Didur, Blake James'. [report]