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Evelyn Lambart

Evelyn Lambart
Photo © National Film Board of Canada

Also known as: Eve Lambart
Country: Canada
Born: 1914
Died: 1999

Films directed by Evelyn Lambart

Quotes by Evelyn Lambart

"Ottawa was my home, and [John] Grierson was just starting the Film Board. So I thought 'Well I'll go down and see.' So I applied, and they said come back on Monday. There was a thing called the title department, and there were about four people there, of which Norman [McLaren] was one, and I was employed as a letterer, but they soon found out that I didn't know anything about lettering. But they were very sympathetic with me, because I had been to art school and I probably had a broader education than some of the other ones. Then they discovered there were other things I could do, and so they thought they'd keep me. The war was on and there was a tremendous need of films for public education. [...] Well, I remember one of the first things I did was a diagram about how to cut up meat economically."
-- Evelyn Lambart (source)

"I wanted to help Norman [McLaren] to work out his ideas, but I realized that I could do more than that. I'd sit there and think 'Come on Eve, you've got to make some films of your own.' And it was a bit of a stretch for me to realize that my opinion mattered—you see I was so accustomed to discussing everything with Norman and coming to a consensus about something, and suddenly I had to make all of my decisions myself."
-- Evelyn Lambart (source)

"I loved to do the whole job myself, you know, figure out what you need to tell your story, and then to make it myself, to design the character and paint it and draw it and then to sit under the camera and move it. I did all the shooting myself too. I used to hope I was making films that were simple enough for children but still interesting to adults."
-- Evelyn Lambart (source)

Quotes about Evelyn Lambart

"Evelyn Lambart does those clever animated maps you've seen in the NFB's 'World in Action' series. You've noticed similar maps in British and American films too, but the Canadian girl's work rates among the best."
-- Elspeth Chisholm (source)

"For years, [Evelyn] Lambart watched as young men she trained were promoted; for years she had to humbly apply to them for salary raises. Lambart craved yet resisted attempts to direct. [...] 'I had been so accustomed to helping Norman [McLaren] that I found it difficult [to work independently],' she said. With Fine Feathers (1968), Lambart finally stepped out from behind her mentor's shadow."
-- Karen Mazurkewich (source)

"[Evelyn Lambart] began by specializing in graphics and maps, which were used extensively in The World in Action series. Later she developed her own technique, using paper cut-outs of animal characters in morality tales for children."
-- Wyndham Wise (source)

Quotes about Evelyn Lambart [in French]

"Pionnière dans son domaine au Canada, [Evelyn Lambart] est, pendant près de vingt-cinq ans, la seule femme à réaliser des films d'animation à [l'Office national du film du Canada]."
-- Louise Beaudet (source)

"Evelyn Lambart est effectivement la première femme en animation à [l'Office national du film du Canada] puisqu'elle y travaille dès 1942. Elle signe quelques films individuels, collabore souvent avec Norman McLaren et fait de l'animation avec plusieurs autres dont George Dunning, Sidney Goldsmith, Jean-Paul Ladouceur, Arthur Lipsett, Colin Low, Morten Parker et Robert Verall. [...] À partir de 1965, elle se concentre sur ses films personnels puis prend sa retraite officielle en 1974, tout en continuant à travailler chez elle dans les Cantons-de-l'Est où elle réalise des films destinés aux enfants."
-- Jocelyne Denault (source)

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