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"A few weeks after our initial meeting, a rough script [for One Woman] was drafted. The [Edmonton] Journal ran a small item explaining the film to some extent and outlining the kind of women we had in mind to play the roles. [...] We expected to interview a handful of young women interested in playing one of the roles. Instead we were greeted that morning by a flood of women, young and not-so-young, some of whom were interested in acting, but most just wanted to talk. [...] From these outpourings we built a film script that we hope will point out a few of the legal and cultural problems a woman who is trying to change her self-image will encounter."
-- Anne Wheeler, Lorna Rasmussen, Toni Johnston, Lorna Jackson Dub

Dub, Lorna Jackson, Toni Johnston, Lorna Rasmussen, and Anne Wheeler. "Women filmakers." The Gateway (Edmonton), September 21, 1972.