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"[Danis] Goulet's treatment of the storyline is heartfelt, honest, at times funny, and occasionally gut wrenching. By casting local and amateur actors, Goulet is able to capture a tone that resists pandering to the cautionary tales of after-school specials on teenaged pregnancy and instead focuses on relaying the experience of a young female protagonist who is sympathetic and sure of herself rather than tragic or victimized. As a creative offering, Barefoot presents a unique vision of motherhood that is too often moralized and invalidated. The film does so with great care, unfolding a storyline that is sophisticated and considered in its intent and choices. Even the film's title, which presumably references the old figure of speech 'Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen,' makes us second-guess its inferred meaning. The phrase is transformed by the practices and values of a community where extended families live together and motherhood at a young age is commonplace."
-- Jenny Western

Western, Jenny. "Mother Me." In Desire Change: Contemporary Feminist Art in Canada, edited by Heather Davis. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2017. (p. 188)