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"I guess I am sort of a classicist within my cultural context, within the cultural community of Aboriginal expression, where song and dance and story and creating were available to everybody to do, and there was no distinction between creating and everyday life. Still, there were certain people who were valued for their ability to have visions and to interpret dreams, who functioned as visionaries. Those people served a very central purpose in the community as being part of the continuum, being able to express certain principles by which we lived our life, such as our covenant with the Creator, like our relationship to other beings within the universe. I think what makes filmmakers great is the willingness to embrace that role of visionary and dreamer and to be able to interpret something back to the people."
-- Loretta Todd

Bjornson, Michelle. "Making Documentary Films: Panel Discussion with Nicole Giguère, Brenda Longfellow, Loretta Todd, and Aerlyn Weissman." In Women Filmmakers: Refocusing, edited by Jacqueline Levitin, Judith Plessis, and Valerie Raoul. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2003. (p. 215)