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"While Mennonites are not identified as such (Mennonite viewers will have no trouble making that identification), the Christian faith of the women is clearly and positively presented, which is remarkable given the many flaws of this patriarchal Christian community. [...] Women Talking is an amazing piece of filmmaking that has much to contribute to discussions on trauma healing and sexual violence. It deserves even more praise than it has received. Despite being dialogue-heavy (it would make a great play), it is always captivating. And despite the dark tone of its subject matter, its lack of graphic images and details make it relatively safe viewing for most Mennonite audiences and even church groups where patriarchy is a safe subject for discussion."
-- Vic Thiessen

Thiessen, Vic. "Film review: women strong and faithful." Review of Women Talking. Anabaptist World, January 31, 2023.