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"In her Indian films, [Deepa] Mehta does question and deconstruct the attempts of the post-colonial nation-state to perpetuate and mobilize tradition (or the collective archetype) in the name of what fundamentalist Hindu parties perceive as national survival vis-à-vis the economic and cultural threats brought on by globalization, Western individualism, and consumerism. In her North American films, however, she probes the exclusivity of said individualism and consumerism as the only desirable way to go, and thus implies, if not points to, a possible hybrid ideal, one that combines the best of both worlds."
-- Christina Stojanova

Stojanova, Christina. "Beyond Tradition and Modernity: The Transnational Universe of Deepa Mehta." In The Gendered Screen: Canadian Women Filmmakers, edited by Brenda Austin-Smith and George Melnyk. Waterloo, Ont.: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2010. (p. 220)