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"It really was a miracle that [John] Grierson came along. Of course we were given the opportunity also because of the pressures of the war. And no one, I think, minded how they were given it. We were allowed to get into a team which was trying to interpret Canada to itself from one end to the other, and the outside world to Canada, and Canada to the outside world, and this was an opportunity that had never existed before and we were so excited to have the opportunity we didn't care how hard we worked or what we worked at. We all worked as a team and I do think this was one of our greatest strengths. We all felt that we were doing something and that we were very lucky to be able to do it."
-- Evelyn Spice Cheery

Denisko, Olga, ed. 4 Days in May (6 to 9): Films, Workshops, Share and Exchange Ideas; A Report. Montreal: National Film Board of Canada, 1975. 'Photography - Mary Daemen, Karen Marginson, Ches Yetman. N.F.B. Archives, & 'women from the earliest years'. Drawings - Michael Didur, Blake James'. [report]