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"A storyteller, imagemaker, activist, and theorist, [Loretta] Todd has created a rich, reflective, and uncompromising body of work. From her early experimental videos and installations through her groundbreaking documentaries of the 1990s to her feature-film-in-progress, she has demonstrated a clear and conscientious voice. Her films, videos, and essays offer a corrective to damaging stereotypes of Native peoples and cultures, and through her innovative, fluid mix of the 'dramatic' and the 'factual,' her work points towards a less-rigid filmmaking aesthetic."
-- Jason Silverman

Silverman, Jason. "Uncommon Visions: The Films of Loretta Todd." In North of Everything: English-Canadian Cinema Since 1980, edited by William Beard and Jerry White. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 2002. (pp. 376-377)