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"Deepa Mehta came across my book, Cracking India [US title of Ice-Candy-Man], and decided: 'this is the film I want to make, this is Earth!' [...] So she started to work on the screenplay and, whenever she finished a section, she would send it to me—we would fax each other in those days; I would suggest alterations, but very soon I backed off. I realized her cinematic vision was more important for the film than my writer's vision. I am glad about it, because in this way she was free to make the film as she did. I had different ideas about how to render Lenny's thoughts in the film; I imagined them as a voice-over heard on a close-up of Ice-candy-man's toes for example, darting up Ayah's saris, whatever. But Deepa said she was uncomfortable with voice-overs. She would hold the camera at an angle that would represent Lenny's vision."
-- Bapsi Sidhwa

Bruschi, Isabella. "Making up with Painful History: The Partition of India in Bapsi Sidhwa's Work; Bapsi Sidhwa Interviewed by Isabella Bruschi." Interview with Bapsi Sidhwa. Journal of Commonwealth Literature 43, no. 3 (2008). (p. 148)