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"The person who made Cairo Time is the same person who made this film [Inescapable]. You have the same shots and same speed of exposition and the gentle, elegant way of seeing someone's face or seeing how they register pain or hope—that's Ruba [Nadda]. You don't get that in male action pictures. They're like next, boom, next, boom and you don't have time to register the punchline before the next joke. [...] [Inescapable is] kind of an anti-action picture in the sense that the hero is so not heroic except for his will to succeed, and his will to succeed is so strong and astonishing. And that's what you want from your dad."
-- Alexander Siddig

Leong, Melissa. "Romance to renegade: Alexander Siddig: 'This love affair's been tortured, squeezed and bent out of shape'." Interview with Alexander Siddig. National Post, September 14, 2012.