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"Another filmmaker, Anne Henderson, had been researching women with non-traditional jobs. She was out in Vancouver and she met Shirley Turcotte who had a technical job working with BC Tel and she recognized that this was a remarkable woman, and in an interview, I guess, they got to talking and their talk went beyond Shirley's work situation to her personal situation. Anne brought the story back to, I guess, Kathleen [Shannon] and, at that time, Gerry Rogers was a producer at [Studio D] and Kathleen mentioned that to Gerry that Anne had met this women who impressed her very much. So Gerry went to meet Shirley and came back and decided, yes, we should make a film on incest survivors."
-- Beverly Shaffer

Vanstone, Gail E. "Documenting D: Studio D of the NFB and Its Representation of Women's Lives in Canada, 1974-1996." PhD diss., York University, 2003. (p. 178)