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"In one especially touching moment of epiphany, the mother's daily work is epitomized by the swirling gesture of her hands. Circling through the son's memory, his mother's hand's dance from swirling cake batter in a bowl, to combing his hair, to washing the floor, to wringing out the rag, back to mixing the batter—all in one continuous fluid motion that links the activities in an endless, tireless stream of work."
-- Thelma Schenkel

Schenkel, Thelma. "Storytelling as Remembering: Picturing the Past in Caroline Leaf's The Street." In Storytelling in Animation: An Anthology, edited by John Canemaker. The Art of the Animated Image, vol. 2. Los Angeles: American Film Institute, 1988. 'Published in conjunction with the Second Annual Walter Lang Conference on Animation, held on June 11, 1988'. (p. 45)