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"[Caroline] Leaf's rough, spontaneous application of the paint directly under the camera underscores the importance she gives to the tactility of memory. With a little tempera, some glycerine, a wooden stick, a wet cloth and her fingers, she conjures up a universe on a piece of opaque glass. The roughness of her gestures contributes greatly to the presence of the memories, to making it seem as though the child whose story we are hearing painted these images himself."
-- Thelma Schenkel

Schenkel, Thelma. "Storytelling as Remembering: Picturing the Past in Caroline Leaf's The Street." In Storytelling in Animation: An Anthology, edited by John Canemaker. The Art of the Animated Image, vol. 2. Los Angeles: American Film Institute, 1988. 'Published in conjunction with the Second Annual Walter Lang Conference on Animation, held on June 11, 1988'. (p. 44)