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"Led by [Rosalie] Chiang, the voice cast [of Turning Red] is sensational, bringing to life characters who get to be cranky, frantic, caring, and occasionally 'kind of a perv.' But the most remarkable thing about this movie is how it marks a maturity for Disney animation. For decades, Disney sold little girls polished princess fantasies to sell toys. But in that, they also sold an idea of girlhood that was woefully limiting. Here, the fantasy has an element of body horror but is treated with a jocular touch that makes Turning Red an absolute blast. In giving us a protagonist who is confident, kooky, but also a mess, Disney and Pixar gave kids a role model who rejects convention and is better for it—and better for us."
-- Kristy Puchko

Puchko, Kristy. "'Turning Red' review: Imagine if Pixar made 'Pen15'." Review of Turning Red. Mashable, March 11, 2022.