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"Stories We Tell is the film I made that I'm proudest of, because I feel like I wasn't trying to make it like anything I'd seen before—I was sort of trying to let it invent itself. What I've realized is that when you're doing something that isn't derivative, you're going to feel completely lost and completely at odds with yourself. You're going to be without confidence through the entire process, because there's nothing you can look to that's gonna make you feel better or like you know what the goal is. I've learned to actively look for that feeling of being overwhelmed and lost a little bit, and to know that—if you come out of that alive—you might end up with something you're proud of."
-- Sarah Polley

Erbland, Kate. "Sarah Polley is ready to make movies again, seven years after life-changing 'Stories We Tell'." Interview with Sarah Polley. IndieWire, July 24, 2019.