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"In a lot of ways, being an actor is the worst training you could possibly have for being a director. You've been in this environment your whole life, so you think you know it. But 90 per cent of everyone's job on a set, you soon find out, is to protect the actors from any pertinent information. It's not like you're being manipulative or secretive. But they have to go somewhere profound and do something quite emotional. You're not going to mention the weather is screwed and you have to condense three-day scenes into half a day and they better get it right or we're all going to hell."
-- Sarah Polley

Johnson, Brian D. "A star is reborn, behind the camera: Directing her first movie, the ever-precocious Sarah Polley finds magic in age-old love." Interview with Sarah Polley. Maclean's, September 11, 2006. (p. 67)