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"Pixar's latest [Turning Red] is a magical coming-of-age romp that celebrates females of all ages (as well as nice dads and bootilicious boys). It's crammed with ingeniously surreal visuals, has three cheeky songs written by Billie Eilish and Finneas, and features a delightfully sardonic performance from Killing Eve's Sandra Oh. So why aren't Disney giving it a cinematic release (it can only be seen on Disney+)? Could it be that the Mouse House is embarrassed by a kids' movie that contains the best red herring of the year? Director Domee Shi [...] has found a way to explore several taboo topics, including the messy business of menstruation."
-- Charlotte O'Sullivan

O'Sullivan, Charlotte. "Turning Red movie review: Pixar's latest is brave, ambitious fun (so give it a cinema release, you cowards!)." Review of Turning Red. Evening Standard (London), March 8, 2022.