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"The tone of Before They Are Six is distinctly different from any other NFB film that deals with working women during the war. A film like Home Front, for example, neatly divides the world into two with regard to women: there are those women who work outside the home, and those who work inside it. The fact that thousands of women carried a double burden was not even acknowledged in other films. Women often worked ten-hour shifts in factories and then had to manage all the household chores, cleaning, shopping, cooking, nurturing and child care. [...] At the time the film was made it was assumed that mothers should have the entire responsibility for child care."
-- Mary Teresa Nash

Nash, Mary Teresa. "Images of women in National Film Board of Canada Films During World War II and the Post-War Years (1939-1949)." PhD diss., McGill University, 1983. (pp. 557-558)