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"I've always been interested in the power of storytelling and that's why I went to journalism school. In the final year of school, I did this documentary film course, where we got to make our first 15-minute documentary with Marsha Barber. I had another prof, and we would just watch the entire history, the entire back catalogue of documentaries there. That made me interested in volunteering at the Hot Docs Film Festival, where I got to see all these big feature documentaries. And then I just began to realize that I wanted to have all the colours in the painter's toolkit to be able to tell a story. Getting 30-second sound bites wasn't really for me. I really liked the more creative, long-form storytelling."
-- Shasha Nakhai

Vigneault, Monique. "TIFF 2021: Q-and-A with 'Scarborough' director Shasha Nakhai: Ryerson journalism alum captures Scarborough on the silver screen." Interview with Shasha Nakhai. On the Record, September 20, 2021.