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"I started writing [Inescapable] about six years ago. I'm Canadian but I'm also Syrian and my parents took us back—my sisters and I—when I was about 12 and stayed there on and off for about four years. The country and the city (Damascus) left such an emotional impact on my brain that I could never walk away from it. The other germ of the idea [was] when I was travelling with my first feature [...] in the Middle East and I remember calling my father back home in Toronto, and he was very nervous because I was travelling by myself and he said, 'please be careful, don't make me come after you.' I've always been fascinated by, when immigrants come to Canada, what they leave behind, the past, the family, the secrets."
-- Ruba Nadda

DeMara, Bruce. "Q&A: Nadda's connection to Arab heritage inescapable." Interview with Ruba Nadda. Toronto Star, September 13, 2012.