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"Ever since Disney consigned Pixar's Soul, and then Luca, to streaming on its premium platform without a theatrical release, there's been reason to fear the downgrading of a brand that has served for almost three decades as the movie industry's gold standard of quality. Turning Red won't play in theaters either, except for a special engagement at Disney's flagship El Capitan on Hollywood Boulevard. That's a pity for a film that would have looked great on a big screen, but it's a top-drawer Pixar production all the same—specific in its cultural details, and valuable at a time when people of Asian descent are once again victims of hate crimes, yet universal in its emotional range and comedic appeal."
-- Joe Morgenstern

Morgenstern, Joe. "'Turning Red' review: Showing your true colors; In addition to dealing with the perplexities of adolescence, a 13-year-old girl in Pixar's latest must cope with controlling her inner panda." Review of Turning Red. Wall Street Journal, March 10, 2022.