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"My artistic work addresses identity. As a Native woman in Canada, that often equates to political action. I want to represent my people in an authentic way, from inside, far from prejudices and victimization, to show a modern, intense, strong people, with their own problems. It is important to not be part only of collective exhibitions of Native artists, but to show as artists, that though we happen to be Native, we are also contemporary artists. Our movies do not have to be limited to Native selections, or Native festivals. They should appear in general selections, and be considered at the same level than anyone else's productions."
-- Caroline Monnet

Godrèche, Dominique. "Caroline Monnet selected as first Algonquin filmmaker for Paris Cannes residency: Algonquin multidisciplinary artist Caroline Monnet is the first First Nations filmmaker selected for a Cannes Residency in Paris, France." Interview with Caroline Monnet. Indian Country Today, February 11, 2017.