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"Unfortunately for Lawrence Cherry, [John] Grierson had known and had employed his wife in her spinster days, and had formed a high opinion of her capabilities. [...] 'Evelyn Spice is a great fellow,' Grierson was fond of telling us. Yet when she turned up at the NFB in the '40s it was in the company of a [...] husband who, in Grierson's eyes, had committed the grave fault of supposing himself to be a filmmaker, and then had compounded it by marrying Evelyn Spice, without informing him in advance. [...] Evelyn he was quite prepared to take on the basis of her past performance, but Lawrence did not impress him. On the other hand Grierson couldn't deny the professional competence of the team and it was a competence he could ill spare, faced with the mounting strain of wartime film demands. [...] The salary for a director-camaraman [...] was $4500. This meant the Cherrys would be entitled to $9000 between them. [...] Finally Grierson let his offer be known. The Cherrys could come on NFB strength in charge of the film program at a total salary of $9000: provided it was $6000 for Evelyn and $3000 for Lawrence."
-- Graham McInnes

McInnes, Graham. One Man's Documentary: A Memoir of the Early Years of the National Film Board. Edited by Gene Walz. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press, 2004. (pp. 118-119)