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"[Domee Shi's] visual language is classic Pixar, all bubbly shapes and expressive faces, but thematically, she hearkens back to vintage Disney, which happens to be Pixar's parent company. The Disney films we all grew up watching were concerned with transformation: Ariel's fishtail forking into legs, Cinderella's rags swirling into a sparkling gown, the Beast mutating from lovable ogre into Baywatch hunk. Shi's films continue that tradition, drawing on fairy tales and her Chinese-Canadian culture to excavate her characters' personal evolutions through magical, monstrous physical transformations. She specializes in the kinds of visual tricks that can only be done with animation, where a dumpling can sprout arms and legs and a roly-poly belly, where a puff of pink smoke changes a teen girl into a shaggy ursine beast."
-- Emily Landau

Landau, Emily. "The animated life of Domee Shi." Toronto Life, March 2022. (p. 40)