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"Deepa Mehta has used various contrasting images artistically to heighten the emotional impact of her film [Water]. They not only throw light on each other, they also act as counterpoints. Visual representations of serious social issues force the viewers to question their age-old beliefs and assumptions. An objective assessment of the film reveals that the director has skillfully used all the devices of plastic theatre to drive home her message. Suitable and symbolic songs add to the charm of the film, while appropriate light effects foreground its emotional centre. In addition to all this Deepa Mehta has successfully used all the resources of dramatic presentation as dramatic irony, verbal repartee, and colour contrasts to make her film a masterpiece."
-- Rama Rani Lall

Lall, Rama Rani. "Meaning Through Contrast: Colour and Image in Water." In Films, Literature, and Culture: Deepa Mehta's Elements Trilogy, edited by Jasbir Jain. Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2007. (p. 240)