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"The early-2000s Toronto setting, wherein the city itself is flattered by the neon-and-pastel color scheme, allows [Domee] Shi and co-writer Julia Cho to embellish an essentially straightforward story with all sorts of lovingly observed, insidery details: the noughties fashions, the tamagotchi craze, the ancestor-worship traditions Ming upholds, the genuinely mouthwatering food-prep scenes courtesy of Mei's quiet, kindly dad (Orion Lee). And even if the character design does not feel particularly new for Pixar doing its 'real-world' schtick, the faces seem to have reached new heights of expressivity and subtlety, while the choreography—so crisp in its comic timing—has to be some of the best the animation giant has ever delivered. It does make it a bit of a shame that Turning Red is going straight to streaming, especially come the ridiculous stadium-set finale in which scale is of the essence."
-- Jessica Kiang

Kiang, Jessica. "'Turning Red': Pixar tackles puberty and gives us one for the ages, period." Review of Turning Red. Rolling Stone, March 10, 2022.