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"Questions over her Native identity provokes Ashley's crisis; or perhaps more accurately, her concern over not being Native enough. Ashley lives with her mother and sister in a culturally mixed, middle class Canadian neighborhood. Ashley's earnest activist boyfriend and his affectedly liberal mother are white. Broadly speaking, Ashley's identity crisis is typical of adolescence, something the film [Divided by Zero] presents with humor and dignity. If it is a goal of this work to question some of the assumptions about Native identity, it is an elegant choice to set it in the context of adolescence, itself a time of 'becoming' and of searching for identity."
-- Elizabeth Claire Kalbfleisch

Kalbfleisch, Elizabeth Claire. "The Home and the Unhomely: Women, House, and Home in Contemporary Native Art." In "Bordering on Feminism: Home and Transnational Sites in Recent Visual Culture and Native Women's Art." PhD diss., University of Rochester, 2009. (p. 197)