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"One thing [Sarah] Polley doesn't show [in Women Talking] is the attacks themselves. We see only the awful aftermath as the women wake to discover their bodies violated and their sheets bloodied. It's not a stretch to consider how a male Hollywood director might have tried to turn Women Talking into a thriller, with scenes of rape followed by righteous retribution. Polley, as did [novelist Miriam] Toews, opts to leave the horror entirely in the mind, where it will hopefully make a greater impact. No thoughtful person can view Women Talking without pondering what we call civilization in the 21st century, where half of the populace too often lives in fear of brutality from the other half."
-- Peter Howell

Howell, Peter. "Waving a fist against patriarchy; Polley's powerful drama makes filmgoers ponder the meaning of forgiveness, love, justice and faith." Review of Women Talking. Toronto Star, September 10, 2022.