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"Mei is one of Pixar's most fully realized human characters—a truly singular creation that feels real, lived-in and utterly relatable (even if you didn't grow up with her particular Toronto/supernatural circumstances). Turning Red delivers on almost every other level, too. The voice performances are warm and wonderful ([Sandra] Oh is particularly strong as a mother who both cannot and desperately needs to give her child space), the humour sharp (younger viewers will likely be in hysterics over Mei's poofy, furry transformations) and the action epic (there is a scene set inside the SkyDome—not yet the Rogers Centre, thank god—that is genuinely thrilling)."
-- Barry Hertz

Hertz, Barry. "Turning Red is top-tier Pixar, no matter your love or hate for Toronto; The city of Toronto features prominently in Pixar's upcoming film, Turning Red, and what a wild ride it is." Review of Turning Red. Globe and Mail, March 10, 2022.