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"In June a movie starring Jill Johnston, filmed by Kay Armatage and Lydia Wazana, was shown at Innis College (Jill Johnston: October 1975). Jill was present in person to answer questions after the movie. The first thing she did to shock her fans was to say that she was not going to sign the papers for the release of the movie outside of Canada, because she does not want to have the image of her past life as shown in the movie (that of a radical militant dyke-feminist) associated with her anymore. She proceeded also to say that she thought all political anger was invalid. Her fans, like myself, duly stunned, asked her a few mild questions registering our shock. Was this the fearless frumious feminist who had in years past kicked men out of places she spoke at on reading tours? Was this the movement heroine of Lesbianation?"
-- Gwen Hauser

Hauser, Gwen. "Fall of a movement heroine: Jill Johnston comes to town." Body Politic, no. 37, October 1977. (p. 16)