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"Unlike Women at War and Wings on Her Shoulders, Women Are Warriors makes it clear that these women were not leisurely idlers before the war—they were domestic workers, secretaries, doing whatever work was available for women. But just as the implications of Jane Marsh's original title, Work for Women, were suppressed in favour of Women Are Warriors, so the implications of the film's structure and commentary are suppressed by the use of a male narrator—the same patriotic, reassuring voice heard in so many films showing men at war."
-- Barbara Halpern Martineau

Halpern Martineau, Barbara. "Before the Guerillières: Women's Films at the NFB During World War II." ["Transcript of a speech delivered at the Conference on Canadian Film in Its Historical Context, November 13, 1976, Ottawa, Ontario."] In Canadian Film Reader, edited by Seth Feldman and Joyce Nelson. Toronto: Peter Martin Associates, 1977. (p. 65)