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"The Far Shore is grounded in Canadian history—it is based on Joyce Wieland's vision of the painter Tom Thomson, whose canoe was found overturned in a northern lake; on the character of Joyce Wieland's mother-in-law, a Quebecoise who was reared in a convent and prevented by her family from becoming a concert pianist; and on the melodramatic stories of James Oliver Curwood, a popular novelist of the period. Curwood, incidentally and importantly, worked with Nell Shipman, the first Canadian woman director. Shipman's film Back to God's Country, shot on location in Calgary and the Yukon in 1919, was based on a Curwood story —it is a melodrama to which The Far Shore bears striking affinity. (Joyce Wieland had not seen Back to God's Country when she filmed The Far Shore)."
-- Barbara Halpern Martineau

Halpern Martineau, Barbara. "The Far Shore: A film about violence. A peaceful film about violence." Review of The Far Shore. Cinema Canada, April 1976. (pp. 22-23)