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"[Danis] Goulet gives us a world of dilapidated high rises, grey clouds and war-torn despair as robot drones relentlessly patrol the skies looking for children. (The film's occasional special effects are deftly executed.) On its surface, Night Raiders isn't appreciably different from dozens of other dystopian pictures concerning authoritarian governments that must be overthrown, but soon the filmmaker introduces a metaphor for cultural erasure that gives the proceedings a provocative twist. Part of the Indigenous Cree people, Niska is embraced by the Night Raiders, who view this new regime not just as evil but the latest example of outsiders trying to colonise their land. Similarly, Waseese's stint in the academy isn't simply a training ground to mould her into a warrior—the all-white leadership renames the girl Elizabeth as part of a program to Westernise her."
-- Tim Grierson

Grierson, Tim. "Night Raiders: Berlin review." Review of Night Raiders. Screen International, March 2, 2021.