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"Of course the first good film made in Canada was Nanook of the North. That was made by Flaherty. But the second good film I saw in the thirties was made by a woman, Evelyn Spice, who married Cherry, Evelyn Cherry. [...] There was this memory of Evelyn, whom we thought very wonderful over in England, and I started pirating women into the [National] Film Board [of Canada]. [...] I was getting people from the newspaper world. And I was getting women who otherwise would have been librarians because I found out what they paid librarians and jacked up the money, so I could get a selection of people who not only had a degree but also a library training which was terribly valuable because of the complexity of filmmaking."
-- John Grierson

Thorvaldson, Patricia. "The Grierson Years." Pot Pourri: National Film Board Newsletter, Summer 1975. (p. 2)