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"I'd been thinking about oral storytelling traditions and characters I heard about growing up around the fire, and I challenged myself to place them in a kind of fantasy movie. [Wakening] felt like an experiment at the time. I would've stood amongst my film friends in the art-house circles and sheepishly said, 'Um, hi, I'm making a monster movie.' But I found the process liberating, and it opened up avenues and processes to talk about things that I wanted to say in completely different ways. It feels like a natural extension of Indigenous storytelling, too, and the way in which there are mystical things that are treated as just part of our world."
-- Danis Goulet

Hertz, Barry. "Indigenous filmmaker Danis Goulet's Night Raiders pulls from Canada's past to create a terrifying future." Interview with Danis Goulet. Globe and Mail, March 3, 2021.