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"I would say all of my work across the board deals with the impacts of colonization in some way, but I felt that it was important to talk about residential schools because it was such a massive far-reaching system. The fracturing of families is such an effective tool of colonization because it causes intergenerational trauma—as we know in our own families. There are some really shocking things in the film [Night Raiders]. Like, for example, when the one character who was a mother meets up with her son and without giving any spoilers, it really shows the horror of the schools."
-- Danis Goulet

Schilling, Vincent. "'Night Raiders' is a dystopian future of residential school horrors: TIFF acclaimed Indigenous director Danis Goulet creates a masterful work of film starring Elle-Majia Tailfeathers and Brooklyn Letexier-Hart." Indian Country Today, November 17, 2021.