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"[Danis] Goulet's sleek, lo-fi world-building—decrepit gray cityscapes; fields covered with smoke-spewing factories—is more compelling than her storytelling [in Night Raiders], which grows increasingly predictable as Niska and the vigilantes plan a raid on Waseese's academy. Yet the film's use of clichés can also be thrillingly subversive at times, reminding us of the ways in which genre-movie templates borrow from the history of colonization but obscure the plight of its real victims. A final showdown between the Cree fighters and SWAT-style soldiers recalls westerns, though the stakes are reversed here: The colonizers are not the heroes, but the bad guys."
-- Devika Girish

Girish, Devika. "Night Raiders." Review of Night Raiders. New York Times, November 12, 2021.