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"Casting the films's three young stars included the actors' real-life parents and guardians. Because the film [Scarborough] deals with heavy topics like abuse, neglect and grief, [Shasha] Nakhai and her team wanted to make sure the children had access to adults who were open to discussing these themes with them in a safe space. The crew also made sure the kids had fun, both off-screen ([Rich] Williamson had frequent lightsabre battles with the children) and during filming (Anna Claire Beitel, who plays Laura, was ecstatic to see movie magic while filming a scene where Nakhai flicked pasta sauce at her face, which was later edited to look like Laura's father throwing a pot of pasta at her)."
-- Celina Gallardo

Gallardo, Celina. "'Scarborough' film highlights community supports." Toronto Star, September 13, 2021.